May 09, 2014

Final Expenses


Although this is a topic many do not want to have with their parent of grandparent, it is something that should be discussed.

In my personal experience, my father passed away suddenly and my sister and I were left to make decisions based on emotions. When it came to making funeral arrangements, we had no idea what our father wanted, so we fumbled through based on what we could afford.

I will list the basics on the items that should be discussed and decided on. This is an estimated cost:

Professional Services - $2500

This is to arrange and coordinate service with the cemetery or crematorium, clerical assistance with forms associated with the funeral. Also, securing and recoding the death certificate and disposition permit. They also provide for casketing, viewing, transportation and church or chapel service.

Disposition Services

This includes the cemetery burial space and/or cremation. Burial spaces vary in price. Cremation fees - $450

Additional Expenses

These are items that are incidental to the funeral and cemetery expense. There may be other expenses not listed, such as travel expense, transportation of remains or charitable donations that may need to be considered.

Examples of common expenses are:

  • Location of service
  • Floral tributes
  • Honorarium (clergy)\
  • Musician
  • Obituaries
  • Catering/post-reception
  • Death certificates

I hope this article helps with some of you during an emotional time and also helps open up some communication with your loved one. They may want some input!