Mar 31, 2016



Health care policies have led to earlier discharge of patients from hospitals. In addition to working outside the home, family caregivers reported spending an average of 30-35 hours per month performing activities related to caregiving, along with personal care for their elder such as feeding, dressing and bathing.

Almost 50% of Canadians experience a mid to high degree of stress trying to balance work and family life issues. Studies have shown that when caregivers’ work/life balance becomes an issue, they can experience: health problems, loss or lack of sleep, stress, decreased social activities and a lack of time for themselves.
Caregiving has also created issued in the workplace. In addition to social and personal costs for family caregivers, there is also time lost from work, lost job or career opportunities, rearranging work schedules to accommodate increased caregiving responsibilities, or even quitting their jobs.

Employers seem to take caregiving issues or duties for children much more seriously than they do for seniors or adult dependents. Many companies adhere to the “leave-your-personal-life-at-the-door” policy, which can add to an employee’s stress then issues arise.

The human resources department and/or union representative will have someone who can help you find out about benefits and entitlements under extended health care and may even have options for flexible work arrangements.

Some small companies, depending on the job and employer, can make this very hard on the employee that needs to leave work because of a parent or loved one who is suffering with Alzheimer’s, Dementia or any other illness. Having personal experience with this when my dad was alive, my bosses were horrible! I worked in a small office and any time off I needed to tend to my dad’s appointments, was met in anger, the silent treatment and then I was told “no more time off for that”. What was I to do? It creates so much stress and anxiety. You feel like you’re being pulled in so many different directions….if only there were 5 of you!

Caregivers have also reported that their lack of knowledge of resources can leave them feeling inadequate, overwhelmed, isolated and alone. This is where NXT Senior and Caregiver Resources can be of great use to your family. We have all the resources consolidated onto one site for your benefit, saving you time, stress and away time from work – someone else can be there when you just can’t!