Mar 31, 2016



Don’t focus on what is lost and forgotten, instead, focus on who’s in front of you – your loved one! Enjoy the time you have with them – go on the journey. Don’t focus on their struggles and what is lost. Your loved one is here. You will have, and do have, precious moments in life now and ahead of you with your loved one. You will come to see that you begin to grieve the loss of who your loved one once was, because as the days, months and years pass, they change and become forgetful. Who they were is different from who they are now.

Accept the changes, support and embrace your dear loved one for who they are right now. Be present and accepting no matter how difficult it is. Affect their lives in a positive way. Giving them music can be a backdoor into the mind of a dementia brain. Music can be very therapeutic. Often they remember things from a long time ago – the long term memory is often intact! The parts of the brain that are involved with remembering music are not affected too much with Alzheimer’s disease or other Dementias.

When a loved one has Dementia, sometimes recent memories can be more difficult to recollect and they forget, or it’s foggy. Sometimes family members think that they are helping by showing them a photo to “jog” their memory. This can make them stressed because they really can’t remember and that is hard on them. We think we are helping by doing this, but depending on the stage of the Dementia, they can look at a photo and feel blank.

Love them and have patience while they are still here. Be kind to each other.