NXT Senior & Caregiver Resources

Also known as: (NXT Resources)

NXT Resources is a web-based business. We are here to help caregivers and seniors with all the resources in one place. This website is a one-stop location to help them with all their needs. We will have a private, secure family chat area for family members to organize appointments, calendar events, and tools to assist with daily activities, as well as resources to help with the care of your senior. We have the information you need as well as links to take you to the information you are looking for.

With our site a Family member can be in any location whether at home, on a soccer field, or at a hockey practice using the internet on any device. For many families arrangements need to be made and the families need to find time out of their busy schedules to physically get together around a kitchen table to organize and discuss issues that needed to be decided for the senior in their life.

I would like to tell you my story and how this website came to be. My name is Caralee Andersen I'm a daughter of a wonderful man, my Dad, Wayne Rattenbury. My Dad had dementia and we sadly lost him too early at age 70. Out of this experience with Dad came an awareness that the information I needed to find was all over the place, to find it was very time consuming and exhausting to discover and understand this disease and the complexities that come with a senior who has diminishing capacities. I knew there had to be a better way. I wanted to help other families out there who were in the same position. I have been researching and developing this business for the past 4 years, and now we have an amazing website to share with you.

My business Partner is Stephanie; she too has experienced having a loved one go through the senior years and the challenges that go with it. "Mamie", as she was lovingly known was Steph's grandmother. She passed away a few years ago but the family experienced all the demands and stresses that we all feel. Also, her father sadly passed away suddenly and her family was left to make decisions they were not prepared to make.

With NXT Resources you can have free access to our website when you visit and will find everything you need.

I was like many of you out there who are married and raising children busy with activities, working full time, and trying to balance the challenges of a parent or loved one who is struggling with Dementia and needs your help. (This is the sandwich generation!) I found this to be a very stressful time, I didn't want others to go through the anxiety that I felt. For all these reasons and more I knew this website was needed – our website was created because we care. So NXT Resources (NXT Senior & Caregiver Resources) was born. I have been in your place, experiencing what you are going through and how hard and exhausting it can be. I've walked in your shoes....so join us on our website we have what you are looking for and what you need.